ams engines

by ams on March 24, 2012

AMS Engines: The First 100% self contained, ‘all in house’, performance machine shop, in Alberta. For over 20 years, we’ve provided champion engines for many of the local racing competitors in central Alberta. Numerous records, wins, and championships have been achieved with our engines in:
OVAL: Sprint Cars, Late Models, & Modified’s.
DRAG: NHRA/IHRA Super Stock, Stock, Super Street, Top Eliminator, IBAA, Box & No-Box.
JETBOATS: Unlimited, A, B, C, & FX-Class’s in local & world marathon races.

Along with many other venues like: 100 ft Shootouts, Rally Racing, Road Course/Slalom Racing, Mud Boggs, Tractor Pulls & even Monster Trucks. Our in house machinery and skilled technicians have helped produce Nitro & Alcohol engines competitive on national series. Many of our engines have also seen success on National and International levels in all the above mentioned sports. We have been very fortunate to build engines for many world class race teams, and certainly can’t take ALL their achievements as our own. However, we can proudly state they achieved with our help.

The Shop:
Blocks: Our facility houses the most state of the art machinery and technicians available today. We have in operation a F65A Rottler CNC block machine capable of producing ‘better than factory’ engine blocks, and many other CNC custom machined products. We do block main line align boring including installation of splayed caps, block lightening, stroker clearances, lifter bushings, surfacing, boring, drilling, milling, & tapping. All these processes can be achieved within .0001 of an inch. Combined with our Computerized Diamond hone machine, and the ultimate block machinist, Brian Krishka; we offer blocks to our customers above and beyond many other shops capabilities.

Heads: With our in house computerized flow bench, valve spring tester, and porting equipment; we produce some of the most efficient combinations available for all venues of racing. Combined with the fine detailed efforts of Jordan Rachar and the infinite wisdom that surrounds him, we’ve been able to produce products that even the best have copied.

Cranks: With the addition of Philippe (Phil) Gravelle and his crank grinder/polisher in 2008; AMS upgraded to a ‘Full Facility, Self Sufficient’ Machining operation. Phil’s skill and accuracy is well known in the industry as simply the best. We’ve had relations with Phil for over 15 years previously with Alberta Engine Rebuilders, and before. We now can grind/polish stock & aftermarket cranks of ANY application, and perform some very eccentric custom grinds/polishes as well, including straightening. Combined with our Muti-Bal 2000 Computerized balancing machine, rod resize/bolt stretch/re-bush/piston pin sizing and custom ring filing; we produce the best rotating assembly’s available – balanced & ready to go.